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If you require repeat medication this should be requested 48 hours in advance.  This can be done either by:

1.  Online access (if aged 18y and over) via Patient Access or NHS App

2.  Dropping in your computer-generated tear-off prescription order form  (cancelled during Coronavirus outbreak duration)

During this time you can put in requests online:

3.  Via your preferred nominated pharmacist 

Please note that repeat prescriptions are not accepted over the telephone.  As an exception, during the coronavirus outbreak, as a last resort, we can take requests over the phone if unable to use online options.

Online prescriptions can be requested for those over 18 years – click here. You will need to be registered for online access first via the surgery - please complete the  Online Access Application Form from reception with your photo ID as verification and the receptionist will issue you with the login instructions.

Prescriptions can be collected from the surgery during normal working hours or, if you provide a stamped, addressed envelope, we are happy to post your prescription to you. Some local chemists provide a collection service for prescriptions. You would need to discuss this option with your own chemist.

Your doctors like to review your treatment periodically so you may be asked to make an appointment to see them.

Prescriptions received BEFORE 12 Noon on: Available AFTER 4pm on:
Monday Wednesday
Tuesday Thursday
Wednesday Friday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday

Over the Counter Medication

Enfield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) have issued a directive to GPs not to prescribe medication which is available 'over the counter' (OTC) for some health problems

Therefore you may find some medication you are currently receiving will be stopped and you will be advised of this at the time.

Repeat Prescriptions

When patients have a condition that requires ongoing medication the GP will normally allow the patient to order the next prescription without the need to make an appointment to see the GP. By far the most convenient way of doing this is to reorder the prescription via this web site. You will need to sign up for this service and receive the secure passwords you can use. You can them reorder your prescription night or day from the comfort of your own home and if picking up the prescription from the Surgery is inconvenient then you can ask that the prescription is given to one of the many local Chemists that pick up patients’ prescriptions from us. If in doubt, speak to your preferred chemist to see what service they offer. The prescription will be ready 48 hours from receipt of request excluding weekends and bank holidays.

Once you have your access details, please click on the image below to go to our login page.

Questions & Answers on Repeat Prescriptions

Q: How do I know whether the medication is on the repeat prescription service?

A: You will receive a counterfoil with your prescription showing the medication on repeat. If this is not the case and you feel you will need the medication for some time then please ask your GP whether he will agree that it should be transferred to a repeat Prescription. Sometimes the GP will refuse as he wants to monitor progress which is the case with the Pill & Warfarin & other medications.

Q: Are there other ways I can order my prescription?

A: Yes but if you have access to the Internet this is by far the most convenient. You can also make an arrangement with your Preferred Chemist for them to order your medication from them when it is due and then pick it up from them. This saves you the problem of remembering to reorder and some chemists are open for longer hours that the Surgery making it more convenient for you.

We will not allow staff for safety reasons to take verbal requests for medicines either over the telephone or at the Surgery counter. Many medications have long and difficult to pronounce names and Reception staff are not trained to know these medications or to know what some medications are for or know which medication are the ‘little green tablets’. Therefore all requests must be in writing and preferably on the counterfoil.

Q: Can I order a medication I have had before but is not on repeat?

A: Yes but it must be in writing and unfortunately cannot be ordered online. These requests go to the GP to authorise and it can take longer than 48 hours for it to be ready.

Q: How much medication will I be given on each prescription?

A: Enfield PCT have advised us to only give 1 month’s supply at any one time.

Q: What if I am going on holiday and need my repeat medication early?

A: This is not a problem but please advise us that this is the reason when submitting your request.

Q: Why does it take 48 hours for a request to be processed.

A: This time is not only standard throughout the profession but is needed to process the huge number of repeat prescriptions we receive daily and for the GP to review and sign this request.

Q: What happens if I run out of Medication and do not have any medication

A: This action is very disruptive to the running of the practice and please extend the courtesy to the Doctors by giving us the 48 hour notice. The way this will be dealt with will be decided on a case by case basis and we will want assurances that the patient is taking action to ensure this does not happen again. If the medication can be bought over the counter you will be told to do so until the prescription is prepared in 48 hours as usual. Taking Receptionists away from the front desk or answering the telephones to get prescriptions signed causes delays to other patients and we have a duty to ensure patients that are seeing Doctors take preference. All prescriptions have to be signed by a GP and if the GP is seeing patients you will normally be asked to come back later. Repeat offenders may be given only 2 days supply and in repeated cases will be removed from the Practice list.

If you run out of Medication when the Surgery is closed you can ask your usual chemist for an advance on your next prescription or telephone the Out of Hours Provider, Barndoc.

Please always order well in advance and never allow yourself to run out of medication.

Prescribing Changes

Park Lodge Medical Centre is currently reviewing its policy on prescribing. A robust Prescribing Protocol (repeat and acute) helps to ensure safe systems for prescribing and helps identify and manage patients who require a medication review.

Inappropriate polypharmacy, especially in older people, imposes a substantial burden of adverse drug events, ill health, disability, hospitalisation, and even death. The single most important predictor of inappropriate prescribing and risk of adverse drug events in older patients is the number of prescribed drugs.

Whilst there is good evidence for treating many individual conditions, such as hypertension, heart failure, diabetes, the evidence base for multiple interventions for several conditions in an individual is poor.

De-prescribing is a systematic process of identifying and discontinuing drugs when existing or potential harm exceeds existing or potential benefits within the context of the individual patient’s care goals, level of function, life expectancy, values and preferences.

It is not about denying effective treatment to people who would benefit.

Part of this process also involves converting some medications that are currently on repeat to acute prescriptions; controlled drugs such as morphine based painkillers, sleeping tablets, medications that need regular blood tests. Patients are still able to request these medications but it allows us to better monitor their usage and arrange appropriate reviews.

Although we appreciate this may create issues for some patients, we hope you will be able to support us through this process as it will improve patient care.

Hospital Prescriptions

Please note we do not create prescriptions from hospital prescriptions, you will need to take your hospital prescription to the hospital pharmacy and collect your medication.

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